Activation of universal account number (UAN)

Hie!!! everyone,here I mention steps for activation of universal account number (UAN) at employee’s provident fund organization (EPFO)website

The employee’s provident fund organization (EPFO) has introduced of universal account number (UAN) program to an employee. The main objective of the implementation of UAN program is the extension of effective service to the employees.

Here some additional steps will provide

  1. The universal account number (UAN) number allotted to employees will be intimated to all employees either through salary slip or other means. (contact to HR section for getting universal account number)
  2. After knowing UAN number, an employee should activate UAN on EPFO wbsite at or
  3. Click on EPFOUAN SERVICES” at the right corner.
  4. Download the user manual with the link “User Manual Ver 1.1 For Member”.
  5. Read the user manual for UAN registration carefully.
  6. After reading the user manual click on “UAN Member Portal”.
  7. Click on “activate your UAN based registration” or “active your UAN”.
  8. Then click on the checkbox “I have read and understood the instructions” and then enter \fill up compulsory fields to activate your UAN.
  9. Enter your 12 digits universal account number (UAN) allotted to you.
  10. Enter your 10 digit mobile number.
  11. After that select state as “MAHARASHTRA” and then select office “BANDRAMUMBAI1”.
  12. Enter establishment ID and your eps number in the five boxes as follows
MH BAN 0001251 000 Enter your 7 digit EPS number not CPF number




You EPS number available at your CPF PLA slip or salary slip and for entering 7 digits EPS number above column please use “0” before EPS number if EPS number less 7 digits.

  1. Thereafter please type the characters shown in the text box as it is (case sensitive).
  2. Then click on the “GET PIN” button for getting a four-digit authorization pin on your mobile number.
  3. Within 5 minutes SMS will be received on your mobile showing the four digit authorization PIN.
  4. Read the paragraph “I declare…….”
  5. Select checkbox “I agree “ and enter four-digit authorization PIN received on your mobile and then click on “submit” button.
  6. After clicking the submit button “CREATE USER NAME AND PASSWORD” page will open.
  7. Your name will be displayed on the screen. Please verify your name is correct if the name is displayed entirely wrong (excluding small mistakes ) contact to CPF section in writing. And do not continue further.
  8. If your name displayed correctly, then fill up compulsory fields for creation of user master and password.
  9. Enter the father/husband‘s name.
  10. Enter the date of birth in DD\MM\YYYY format.
  11. Then select checkbox “ I declare that the name and establishment name shown are correct and belong to me”.
  12. Create enter password (it should containing alphanumerical minimum 8 character and maximum 25 characters and also having at least special character viz!  or @ or # or $ or % or ^ or & or * or (.
  13. Re-enter the password for confirmation.
  14. Enter your valid personal E-mail ID (not compulsory).
  15. Click on the submit button.
  16. Within a few seconds SMS will be received on your register mobile number for completion of UAN registration.
  17. There click on the link “please click here to continue further”.
  18. Once your activation completed then log in by entering your UAN number and password created by you.
  19. After login update your personal detail (in edit personal detail) and KYC information in the “PROFILE” section.
  20. You can download your UAN CARD at the “download” section. It is preferably instructed that take a printout of UAN CARD and write down your created password on it for future reference.
Updated: April 1, 2020 — 1:45 pm
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