Check online EPF transfer

Hie!!! Here we can go process to check online EPF transfer

Willing to transfer pf balance from one account to another account ……..????And if you want process to check online epf transfer, it gives clear information about your pf balance.

As a boon many workers, this made the job changing a straight forward process. Now, the transfer of money from the employee provident fund can be transferred to another account without any difficulty and you can check online EPF transfer. Read more check EPF balance online, pf statement, know your pf balance previously  to check online epf transfer of account was not available, and employees used to transfer accounts physically:

e passbook/ epf registration status

  • Application of account transfer form
  • Manual filling
  • Current employer details submission.

Check epf

Balance online, epfo member portal

  • employer needs to forward the application the nearest regional PF office
  • Completing successful verification, the application is forwarded to previous employe

PF statement

  • Attestation is done by the employer after the verification is done by him
  • Transfer of PF balance is made from on account to the next account to the next account that is opened.

View pf account balance

We all know that now a days the online process has made the life easy for all individuals. But, the pf transfer is not available for all the employees.

Register pf account

The employee’s member ID needs to be present in the database of EPFO.

Note: Employees need not go to the employer for that. The individual can get the information at EPFO web-site.

check online epf transfer:

We are here to guide you on the step by step


  • Log on the EPF website (com)
  • On the home page look for option and click on “online transfer claim portal
  • Once the eligibility criteria is met by individual then log-in & claim process can be one.
  • As a next option click on “request for transfer of funds”.
  • As a result form, -13 appears, where pf number of both current & previous employer needs to be entered.
  • Click on “click here to get details”. check epf balance online, epfo member portal, pf statement
  • Rest of the personal details such as date of joining / date of exit /fathers or spouse name etc., appear as a result.
  • This information is for verification, just to make sure that the amount is transferred into right accounts or not.
  • A pop-up appears, asking the employee if he/she wishes to claim attested by current/previous employer.
  • Small characters have to be entered at the box available, click on ‘get pin’. At the declaration part click on “I Agree”.
  • On the registered mobile number PIN is sent.
  • A tracking id is generated.
  • The form is saved in the profile. A print –out needs to take in PDF version. This turn needs to be submitted to the employer within 15days.
  • The authorized individuals name form details, who have to sign will appear after submission of form.
  • The details are then verified by the current and previous employers.
  • Once an approval is received from both employers, funds are then credited into the members account through EPFO branch office.
  • Here, the employer has got an important role to play in verifying the signature and details of employee.
  • An sms is sent to the employee for updates.
Updated: April 1, 2020 — 1:45 pm
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