How to registration of UAN (universal account number)?

Hie !!! here I say how to the registration of UAN (universal account number)

How is the UAN number allotted??

Universal account number or UAN has been allotted to each PF member by the EPFO by converting the existing account numbers of employees who have contributed to EPFO through electronic challan-cum-return from January to June 2014. The details of UAN allotted to each PF member have been providing to the employer and the employer has to download and communicate it to the employee concerned. You can use the link to know your UAN status EPFO: Check UAN status to verify whether UAN is allotted to you or not.

Account number and registration of UAN

UAN acts as an umbrella for the multiple employee provident fund numbers or member ids allotted to an individual by different employee provident fund numbers of a person to a single universal account number. In this article, we shall focus on what is UAN number, what are advantages on having UAN number is allotted to you, how to activate UAN registration, HOW TO LOGIN USING uan, how to download EPFO Passbook, what is UAN card?

How to change password of UAN if mobile number is not changed

  • Go to EOFO website at UAN: home
  • Click on forgot password.
  • Enter your UAN number and captcha. Click on verify.
  • The mobile number mapped to your UAN will be shown. If you want to change the mobile number you can click on NO
  • Click on get authorized pin.
  • If OTP is successfully sent, you will see the message OTP is successfully sent. If the website is unable to send the OTP you will get a window with the message failed to send OTP. Please try again later.
  • Then try the steps mentioned above again after some time.
  • If OTP is sent successfully, then you will get the OTP on your mobile number registered with the UAN. The message would be Dear Mr.ABC XYZ. Your OTP corresponding to OTP id 6000 is 3937. Enter this pin to set a new password for your account. Please use the pin and not the OTP id.
  • Enter the OTP pin at entering authorization pin.

Enter the new password. The password should contain a minimum 7 characters and maximum of 20 characters. Minimum 4 alphabets, minimum of 2 digits, 1 special character. At least one character out of 4 alphabets should be capital and one small letter.

  • Confirm the new password.
  • Click the submit button.
  • You will get a window saying the password successfully changed.

Login to UAN new website with UAN number and new password.

Updated: April 1, 2020 — 1:45 pm
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